Writing prompt: Freedom

The Protagonist: Leora, who loves to travel His/Her Goal: to be wild and free The Obstacle: insecurities and fear of the unknown The Action: learns to drive No natural conclusion? new friend named Catherine Here's my response... Lenora waited anxiously as she stood in line to get her ticket. She had never been anywhere alone... Continue Reading →


Children of the Moon

*This is a short story I wrote based on a very vivid dream that I had. I am also writing it from first person point of view because that's the way the dream was. I am seriously thinking of taking this further, but for now I'm stopping where the dream stopped.* The house was quiet..... Continue Reading →

Oh the torment..

I have been in correspondence with a fake Misha Collins on Twitter. If this were the real Misha there would be a blue check next to his name stating that he was verified as the actor. This Misha sadly has no blue check by his name so therefore he must be a fake... obviously. I... Continue Reading →

Supernatural’s Wayward Sisters

This episode is bloody amazing! I don't care what anyone says, it's great. There are some folks who are upset because Sammy and Dean were only in the episode for maybe 15 minutes.. to that I say.. It's a back door episode, they're introducing us to a spin off folks!! It's all based on a... Continue Reading →

Come in, come in

There was a time when I needed your arms to hold me, your shoulder to cry on and your home to shelter me from the monsters. You were by far too busy and told me to go home and get over it. Now here it is, 3 am and here you are at my door,... Continue Reading →

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