Supernatural’s Wayward Sisters

This episode is bloody amazing! I don’t care what anyone says, it’s great. There are some folks who are upset because Sammy and Dean were only in the episode for maybe 15 minutes.. to that I say.. It’s a back door episode, they’re introducing us to a spin off folks!! It’s all based on a group of…. Female Hunter’s!
Now my thought’s on the episode… There ARE SPOILERS! You’ve been warned…

When it first takes you to the bad place where Dean and Sammy are, you could tell that the hooded figure was a woman, I had a hunch it was Kaia the whole time.  The Kaia that went to rescue the boys was killed in the bad place, but you have to know that she’d be back. The way I see it is… Kaia kept going there in her dreams/ nightmares because a part of her was there… she was fighting against herself the whole damn time! Make sense?
The vision that Patience had of Claire dying, was actually of Claire crying and Jody holding her.
For me Donna and Claire made the show for me. I went into this episode figuring it’s going to be OK and just OK, but I love the way Donna and Claire were portrayed. They are both seriously bad ass Hunters now!

Donna has become a good hunter on her own, Jodi mentioned that Donna has been hunting vampires. I’m not sure if she’s still a sheriff now or if she’s a full time hunter. She’s driving a truck and has her own box of hunting gear. Go Donna!
When she first came onto the series she was a sheriff who had a goofy way of talking. She was a bit chunky, but definitely NOT fat. She brought so much comedy to the episodes that she was in that always have me laughing!

Claire is Dean’s mini me. She is seriously a miniature version of my Dean. In the beginning of the episode she rescued a young girl from two were wolves on her own and took the girl back to her mother. I was so proud of her, she kicked those werewolves asses with no problems at all.
Now, I will admit that I was not overly fond of the character when she first appeared on the series, but she improved. Castiel took over her father’s body. Every time she looks at Cas, she see’s her father and that has to hurt a bit. As she begins her own exploration of the hunting world I grew to like her determination and persistence even more.  She’s an all around great mini Dean. Jodi took her into her home and gave her a safe haven. Eventually she went off on her own and began hunting.

Alex is a nurse, but she helps Jody out with various hunting jobs. She was kidnapped as a child by vampires and was forced to bring men home for her vampire “family” to kill. She was pretty much their lure for fresh food. Jody saved her and took Alex home with her. She’s very loyal to Jody and has a love/ hate relationship with Claire. During the Wayward Sister, she was the Sammy to Claire’s Dean. Alex did the research on the computer and her cell phone.

Jodi is a great character as well. She’s a kick ass adopted mom to both Claire and Alex. In this episode I didn’t see her shine as much. She wasn’t a hunter, she was a worried overprotective mom of Claire, which is great.  Jodi is the Sioux Falls sheriff full time and mom/ hunter part time. I also see her as an adopted mom to Dean and Sammy. She worries about them continuously.

Patience is the granddaughter of Missouri Mosley who is also a psychic. She had a vision of Claire getting killed and went to Jody to tell her. She is a college girl who left the safety of her father’s home and left to help Jodi save Claire.
I will admit.. I’m not a huge fan of this character. She just doesn’t sit right with me, but I’m going to give her a chance to grow on me.

Kaia is a dream walker. She doesn’t sleep, OK she tries not to fall asleep. When she does fall asleep she goes to the bad place where there are monsters. She goes with Claire to save the boys. When the hooded figure throws her spear at Claire, Kaia shoves her new friend out of the way and gets the spear in the chest and dies. At the end of the episode a new rift opens and the hooded figure steps through. She removes her hood and Boom.. it’s Kaia! Only an evil version of her. This hooded figure was controlling the monster that lives in the bad place.



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