Oh the torment..

I have been in correspondence with a fake Misha Collins on Twitter. If this were the real Misha there would be a blue check next to his name stating that he was verified as the actor. This Misha sadly has no blue check by his name so therefore he must be a fake… obviously.
I have been enjoying our banter back and forth, not sure if he is, but I know that I am… I really am! I’m acting like a Jensen/ Dean fan girl! Yep even adult ladies have their fan girl moments and Jensen brings out mine. LOL

Misha16During our little role playing… I have knocked off 10 years from my age and I’m rich along with owning a black pit bull named Dean. Yes, after Dean Winchester. 😀
During the conversation he had geared me toward the topic of conventions. This has happened to numerous folks where fake accounts in Misha’s name have messaged folks and have asked for money for special photo ops. Since I mentioned that I normally don’t go to conventions I think he lost his foot in to ask for money for photo ops.
I did however gush about my love for Jensen Ackles and the fake Misha said that he would see about getting me Jensen’s contact info… Hmm.. First off the Man is married to the love of his life, Danneel, with three beautiful children. I don’t foresee me getting his personal contact info. I mean come on folks…. can you look at him and honestly say that he’s not absolutely adorable??

Misha3The first time I spoke to him I asked him what book he was reading on the bank when. He didn’t know and told me that it was a magazine.
Wrong! Misha was arrested for sitting on top of a bank while reading a book. The lighting was better up there.
He also busted himself when he said that the time in Canada was 7:33 pm. I’m in New York and the time was 10:38 pm. Last I knew our time zones are the same. I have over 20 screen shots that I took of the whole conversation. It was rather amusing to see him kind of flounder around like a fish out of water.
He has since had his account reported and everyone connected with him was told that he was fake. This is one Supernatural family member that won’t be taken in by him and I’m hoping to stop other family members get taken in by his scamming.


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