It looks like someone hacked into my blog on Blogger. I have tried 4 different times to access the account and it's not working out very well. So it looks like I'll be transferring those posts here and deleting that account. This sucks massively as I have had that blog since Oct 2007. Oh well,... Continue Reading →


Burgers in the closet.. where’s the damn pie?

Heather Reeves Gilliland sat up in her bed screaming at the top of her lungs. The sounds of foot steps could be heard running down the hallway toward her room. Her new roommates barged in through the door both were panting and holding sawed off shot guns. Dean looked around and then down at his roomie... Continue Reading →

Use your Intuition

Everyone has an intuition or that inner voice that guides you through your feelings, some choose to follow it and other's choose to ignore it. I couldn't tell you how many time's I have chosen to ignore my gut feelings, only to find myself in sticky situations that I would have otherwise never had been... Continue Reading →

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