Chili with John

Melissa Fish was sitting at the kitchen waiting for the cheese to melt on her crock pot chili. She was on her phone playing Words with Friends when she heard a knock on the door. Melissa looked around and raised an eyebrow, the kitchen she once knew was gone and replaced by another, but her crock pot of chili was still on the counter.
“Jeff stop knocking and just come in!” Melissa put a bowl of chili on the table and turned to find a very handsome man standing in the door way and he wasn’t her husband.

“Hi, I’m John Winchester, can I use your phone.. my car needs a jump and I can call my sons to come help me.” He gave her a shy smile and was relieved when she handed him her cell phone. The call was made and the boys were a half hour away.
“You look hungry John, how about some chili?” Melissa placed a bowl of chili in front of him and sat opposite him with a bowl of her own that remain untouched as she kept staring at him.
After 10 minutes his bowl was empty and her’s was filled with cold chili. There was a honk outside and he stood up to leave. “Thank you for your hospitality, it was much appreciated.”
“Wait.. can I have a hug??”
“Umm ok.. sure Melissa.”
Melissa hugged him and sighed, she sniffed him, he smelled just like she imagined he would.
Before John knew what to expect he felt something wet on his arm.. did she just lick him??
He wedged her off him and grabbed his jacket and walked quickly to the door. Outside he found the truck jumped, Dean and Sam were laughing because their father was walking quickly toward them. “Boys.. are we ready to go… there’s a crazy lady there… she licked my freakin arm… but she makes damn good chili.”


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