Everything he touches…

I remember as a child, my mother reading fairy tales to me. They always had happy endings no matter what happened. Snow White found her Prince as did Cinderella and Aurora. My fairy tale turned out to be quite different... As I stood in front of the large building, I stared up at all of... Continue Reading →


Chili with John

Melissa Fish was sitting at the kitchen waiting for the cheese to melt on her crock pot chili. She was on her phone playing Words with Friends when she heard a knock on the door. Melissa looked around and raised an eyebrow, the kitchen she once knew was gone and replaced by another, but her... Continue Reading →

My Weird Neighborhood

Part 1 : The Ex Cat Lady The sky is a deep dark blue as the storm clouds move their way into the small town that I reside in at the moment. A storm is supposed to be on the way, so says the local weatherman on the 6 pm news channel, but he's been... Continue Reading →

Writing prompt: Freedom

The Protagonist: Leora, who loves to travel His/Her Goal: to be wild and free The Obstacle: insecurities and fear of the unknown The Action: learns to drive No natural conclusion? new friend named Catherine Here's my response... Lenora waited anxiously as she stood in line to get her ticket. She had never been anywhere alone... Continue Reading →

Children of the Moon

*This is a short story I wrote based on a very vivid dream that I had. I am also writing it from first person point of view because that's the way the dream was. I am seriously thinking of taking this further, but for now I'm stopping where the dream stopped.* The house was quiet..... Continue Reading →

Come in, come in

There was a time when I needed your arms to hold me, your shoulder to cry on and your home to shelter me from the monsters. You were by far too busy and told me to go home and get over it. Now here it is, 3 am and here you are at my door,... Continue Reading →

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